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East Bergholt Community Land Trust
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East Bergholt Community Land Trust

August 2020

2020 Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held on June 4th. As a result of Covid 19 Trustees made the decision not to hold a physical meeting. Instead Trustees only held a virtually online meeting using Zoom and were able to conduct all the formal business requiring an AGM decision. Members received all relevant papers in advance. All resolutions were agreed and the three Trustees standing for election were re-elected.   

Following the success of our previous AGM's in 2018 and 2019 we had planned to adopt the same format with a public discussion between experts on the challenges and benefits of sustainable and smart homes followed by and questions and answers prior to the formal business for Members. That will have to await another occasion. 

Notwithstanding this setback, we are continuing to work behind the scenes on a new website for launch later in the year.  

We remain keen to talk to anyone with land or buildings available for development as affordable homes. 



Twelve young people and families from our village need our help.

They were born here or have strong family connections but cannot afford to live in the village. We are ready to provide the affordable homes they need. The problem? Land, or rather the lack of it. Despite commencing  purchase on 2 promising plots we have had to abandon both for reasons beyond our control. We have looked at scores of pieces of land but we need a willing seller! We are also interested in buildings suitable for conversion. We are frustrated that we cannot find any land to develop. We owe it to these young people and families to find them affordable homes in the village where they belong. Can you help identify suitable land or a building conversion opportunity? email



Frustration! What Progress?

When I wrote in October about the difficulties facing the CLT, I was optimistic that we would have something to show you for our efforts in 2019. Frustratingly we do not. There has been lots of activity behind the scenes but nothing to show for it.

Last year we investigated two small potential developments. We believed that they might be acceptable to the community. In both cases we had preliminary conversations and negotiations with the landowners, obtained professional advice from architects and engineers and had positive discussions with Babergh’s planners. In both cases the landowners changed their minds after we had undertaken a lot of preliminary work but before we had begun any public consultation.

Early in 2019 we were negotiating purchase of a site that would have enabled us to develop 15 much needed affordable homes for the village. The landowners withdrew from the negotiation. Later in the year, as some of you are aware, we were considering building two high quality “smart” bungalows in the open space adjacent to the allotments behind Chaplin Road. We were about to have a “conversation” with the neighbours just before Christmas. Less than a week before speaking to the neighbours, it transpired that the land was no longer available.

All development has an impact on the locality. The Trustees at EBCLT are all volunteers and we all live in the village. We are committed to undertaking any development in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan and we do appreciate that there are sensitivities that we may not be aware of, but we cannot guarantee not to upset someone.

Community consultation has shown support for more affordable homes, and both recent Housing Needs Surveys prove the need. We have 11 young people and families who have strong local connections on our waiting list. We will find a way to house them and we do need your help and support.

If the final Court decision approves the two large developments of 144 and 75 new homes, your CLT will try to acquire some of the affordable homes through the Section 106 Agreement. If the Parish Council is successful in stopping the developments, we hope that those building and landowners who have been loath to discuss conversion or development on their land, will be more amenable and help us bring new affordable homes to East Bergholt.

Until then we will continue to look at every opportunity to bring the homes to the village that the Community have decided that they want. If you can help with any land or have other lateral thinking please let us know.

Chris McEwen

Chair - East Bergholt Community Land Trust.


Informal Chat With A Trustee

11am Thursday June 6th: Fountain House Cafe

We are keen to keep closely in touch with you, our community who drive the CLT, so Trustees will be available at the village cafe to meet with you informally as above. So if you want to find out more, ask questions or find out the latest position do drop in to see us. 


Public Update Events 2019

Lambe School February 16th and The Grange, East End 30th March 

We are keen to keep you informed and were pleased to see all those who attended one of our recent drop in events to find out how we are progressing towards providing the affordable housing needed by those registered with us.

There were displays giving updates on our activities to date, a chance to meet Trustees and partners. We were also able to provide an update on the Housing Need Survey findings.




AGM Tuesday June 11th 2019

A good turnout at our second AGM heard Ian Spero, CEO of the Agile Ageing Alliance, share insights from the recent Government funded Neighbourhoods of the Future report. Ian advocates taking a more modern flexible approach to house building so that our properties adapt as our needs change. A move towards multigenerational housing and using technology to support our needs as we age led to a lively debate.  

Community Land Trusts are not bound by traditional approaches to building and we will be considering the design of our affordable housing carefully to ensure it is adaptable and meets the needs of those on our housing register. 

The formal business of the AGM was concluded. See our Facebook page for photos. 


Housing Needs Survey

Thank you to everyone who returned a Housing Need Survey. These have been analysed by Community Action Suffolk, an independant organisation. We are currently meeting with them to discuss the findings and prepare a summary report which will be made public soon.  

The survey findings will update and enable comparison with the previous survey conducted 3yrs ago for the Neighbourhood Plan. This will show any changes and trends and identify the current priorities for housing need. It will also support our discussions with Babergh DC and other agencies and partners. 



EB CLT seeks an Accountant to join its Trustee Board

"Zero Pay - but `Job Satisfaction guaranteed'.  

EB CLT is an independent not for profit organisation working for the benefit of the community, run by a board of volunteer Trustees who all live in East Bergholt.  

We are seeking someone from our community to act as our Accountant and financail advisor. Please contact the Chairman if you can help.



First AGM 26th June 2018 

`Building homes for the community by the community’

We welcomed shareholders to our first AGM on Tuesday 26th June 2018 at the Constable Hall. We explained the reason behind our formation, our aims and the approach we are taking to making affordable housing available to those with strong local connections who need it.  

Charles Roberts, Chair of Streatham CLT and Deputy Leader of East Cambridgeshire spoke about the housing for local people provided by this successful CLT. The formal AGM business of electing Trustees, approval of accounts etc. was undertaken. 

At the AGM members of our CLT re-elected Chris McEwen, Rolf Althen, and Nigel Roberts to the Trustees and elected a new Trustee, Jez Bezant. 


East End Public Update and Information Event

May 24th 2018 

Following the open event at the Lambe school the Trustees held a further event for the residents of East End at The Royal Oak (Dickie), East End on May 24th 2018. 

Those who attended viewed the displays and took the opportunity to talk to Trustees about building houses in EB that people can afford, about the role of the CLT, and about how you can become a member. 


First EB CLT Public Event  and Open Day 17th Mar 2018

The Trustees of the newly formed EB CLT held their first information and consultation event on Saturday 17th March 2018 in the Lambe School. Despite snow the event was very well supported.

Those attending were able to view displays and heard our Chairman explain the aims and approach being proposed so that small scale housing development can be undertaken and made available at affordable rates to those with local connections. The EB CLT were delighted to receive 70 new membership applications. 

The Trustees and our partners, EB Parish Council and Babergh DC and Eastern region CLT were delighted to hear the views and ideas of those present.  


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