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East Bergholt Community Land Trust
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East Bergholt Community Land Trust

Community Land Trust (CLT)

East Bergholt Community Land Trust is a CLT and not for profit organisation, which was established in 2017. It was created in response to East Bergholt’s Neighbourhood Plan and its flagship Project EB2 which specifically identified the opportunity to establish a Community Land Trust to deliver homes for local people and help meet the identified local need for homes that local people would be able to afford. In April 2017 the Parish Council set up a working group made up of local people to bring forward this initiative and this has successfully evolved into today’s East Bergholt Community Land Trust.


Our Mission is to “Deliver the housing needs of East Bergholt in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan and maintain the Community assets for the long term benefit of the Village.

We plan to deliver homes that the community wants. This could be through acquiring small sites, developing new dwellings or buying and converting existing properties in the village, all with the objective of providing low cost housing that people can afford; to rent, for shared ownership and for sale. This we plan to achieve working in harmony with the environment, in support of the housing policies in the East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan, and with members of the village community who will be invited to be members of the CLT.

We will also work with the Parish Council and other village stakeholders to help develop and maintain community assets identified in the Neighbourhood Plan and through public consultation.


Our Vision is to create a professionally run, financially sound and locally controlled organisation for the sole benefit of East Bergholt and it’s constituents, by;

  • Providing homes for the benefit of local people who wish to rent or buy at any stage of their life in a way that is accountable to the local community and that can offer a genuine alternative to commercial house builders.
  • Working with the village to provide future Community assets.
  • Ensuring the homes and Community assets we provide are maintained and managed for the long term benefit of the village.

Board of Trustees

East Bergholt CLT is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising local people who provide a wide range of professional and relevant skills. In the future villagers who are members of the CLT will have regular opportunities of voting for these positions. The CLT has the full support of the Parish Council in implementing its Neighbourhood Plan project, and is working with partners such as the Community Land Trust East and Babergh District Council in fulfilling its mission.

Our CLT is also a member of the National CLT Network, the national charity established to assist the development of CLT’s, a rich resource for guidance and assistance as we evolve.

Delivering Housing

We recognise that we are in a unique position to provide homes specifically for our own community, but are of course mindful and sensitive to the potential for other developments to come forward in the village. Notwithstanding this possibility, we still believe there is a critical need for a local organisation, run by local people to ensure the needs of local people are attended to.

In addition to new housing developments we will consider the acquisition of existing properties that may require conversion to provide homes for our community, and as opportunities arise we will work with landowners to develop new housing to provide the homes foreseen in the Neighbourhood Plan.

We want to work with the community to make this project a success. We will be looking for members, partners and investors for this exciting project that we hope will become an established and important part of the East Bergholt community, and make a positive contribution to the community over many years to come.

Consultation with the community

East Bergholt Community Land Trust will seek people's views and keep members and the community regularly informed about its activities and progress. To this end we will be holding a public exhibition and open day in due course. Keep an eye on this website for further information. We look forward to welcoming as many members of our village as possible to explain our ambitions in further detail.

If you are interested, keep following this web site to follow our progress and catch up on the latest news about East Bergholt Community Land Trust.

Chris McEwen (Chair East Bergholt Community Land Trust)

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